Hervin Fernández-Aceves, University of Leeds

Robert Heffron, University of Sheffield

James Hill, University of Leeds

Daniele Morossi, University of Leeds

Francesca Petrizzo, University of Leeds

Claudia L. Wardle, University of York

Our one-day conference, held at the University of Leeds, will confront traditional thematic and disciplinary divisions and encourage dialogue between scholars working on all aspects of the Mediterranean world, through the theme of ‘Exchange’. Within this topic, we include all kinds of connections between social, economic, political, military, and religious aspects of history, literature, history of art, and history of science. This diverse spread of fields combined with a large geographic and chronological span should help encourage a broader, more interdisciplinary approach to the subject. The extent to which such exchanges took place between the Muslim world, the Greek world, and the Latin world has been a contentious issue in a wide range of scholarship in different fields. Social, religious, political and geographic barriers limited the exchange of goods and information between differing cultures, and conflict was a regular feature of the Mediterranean world throughout the Medieval period and beyond to the present day.