May 20th, 2017

The University of Leeds

Venue: Leeds Humanities Research Institute
29-31 Clarendon Place, Leeds (LS2 9JT)
Wheelchair access is at the rear of the building.
Getting to the University

09:15-10:00             Registration

10.00-11.00             Opening Lecture: Maroula Perisanidi (University of Leeds)

11.00-11.30             Coffee Break


11.30-13.00  Panel: Art, Literature, and Mysticism (Chair: Francesca Petrizzo)

  • James Patrick Kozey (Cornell University/Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Exchanging Insults: The Troubadours, Invective, and Iberia

  • Alasdair Grant (University of Edinburgh)

The Mongol Invasions between Epistolography and Prophecy: The Case of the Letter ‘ad flagellum’

  • Maria Kolpalova (University of Warwick)

The Mandylion, the Basilian Order and the Armenians in Medieval Genoa


13.00-14.00                         Lunch


14.00-15.00  Panel: Muslims, Jews, and Christians: Scientific and Religious Interactions (Chair: Daniele Morossi)

  • Raffaele Danna (University of Cambridge)

A New Mathematics across the Mediterranean: On Leonardo Fibonacci’s Contribution to the Diffusion of Hindu-Arabic Numerals and Its Broad Socio-Economic Influence

  • Sabine Arndt (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität)

Mathematics in an Intercultural Exchange: The Correspondence between Judah ben Solomon ha-Cohen and the Emperor’s Philosopher


15.00-15.30             Coffee Break


15.30-17.00 Panel: Crusades and Economics (Chair: James Hill)

  • Andrew Small (University of Oxford)

‘From the Halls of Tadmakka to the Shores of Sicily’: Byzantine Italy and Sub-Saharan  Africa in the Eleventh Century

  • Joanna Phillips (University of Leeds)

The Crusader Cult of St Nicholas of Myra, Maritime Saint of the Medieval Mediterranean

  • Kenny Parsons (University of Leeds)

Faith, Steel and Gold: The Economic Context of the Disaster at Hattin, 1187


17.00-18.00             Closing Lecture: Alex Metcalfe (Lancaster University)

18.00-19.00             Drinks Reception

19.30-onwards        Conference Dinner